Meet the Franciscan Sisters at Yuma Arizona

November 9 was a special day at Immaculate Conception Convent in Yuma. It was  our Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Founders’ Day. Sister Ann Mary Hart looks over pictures of our beginnings in Wisconsin as Sister Mary Beth Kornely lights the candles for our evening prayer.

On this day we especially recalled that Immaculate Conception Convent was our first Arizona mission home.  Today Sister Ann Mary, Sister Janet Rose and Sister Lorita Gaffney are still serving at Immaculate Conception Catholic School as support staff to the principal, staff and students.

Sister Mary Teresa Bettag is shown selecting the song for the special office we used for our evening prayer. Sister Mary Teresa is a Theology and math teacher at Yuma Catholic High School. Sister Alexandra Bettinardi also serves in needed secretarial services in the school. Both enjoy the students and faculty taking part in other activities as well.

Sister Mary Beth and Sister Hannah Johnecheck feel blessed to minister at St. Francis School in Yuma. Sister Mary Beth assists with staff needs and Sister Hannah is the second grade teacher. Our Community returned to serving at St. Francis a year ago. It is good to see the vitality of the school and the goodness of the families.

We like to count our blesssings and actually have a blessing bowl. Besides the recent Founders’ Day, we also recalled the goodness of being able to witness the wedding of one of the teachers at Immaculate Conception School. We actually received corsages! May the Lord bless all the good people of Yuma.