At the Manger ….. Once Again

“It is Christmas! Yes, it is Christmas!” The Christmas carol keeps going through my head. To realize it is Christmas once again…. What a Joy!
Here we are – at the Manger Scene again. Pondering the whole mystery of the Birth of the Christ Child. Have you ever just sat and looked at the figures in the manger scene? Take time to do it


I gave my 5th grade Religion class a chance to do just that. I was amazed at how quiet and still they were as they sat there.


Perhaps it was that quiet and still that first Christmas in Bethlehem. Let us journey together into the eyes and expressions  of each figure.

Our friend - The Donkey!
Our friend – The Donkey!

He was most likely the first to see the Newborn King! He knew the smell of  Mary after carrying her for days on his back.And perhaps, he felt the baby kicking within Mary’s womb some of the ride. How calmly he fits into the manger scene looking upon He whom he carried also to Bethlehem.

St. Joseph – Our Protector                    Seriously pondering the birth ….reliving the dream he had to take Mary as his wife and knowing that she was with Child through the Holy Spirit. The dream was true! This baby must be destined for great things!


img_2613I am the one chosen to protect this child and to provide for his needs. Am I worthy to do so? Can I possibly do all that is asked of me?

Mary looks so peaceful, calm, confident and so motherly!  I too must take care of her. This is quite the task! Am I worthy to do so? Am I strong enough?



Behold! I am the handmaid of the Lord.

Be it done on to me according to your Word!

My child, my baby! How I love Him so. May I be the right Mother to raise Him as God wants me too. In the poorness of our life I will give Him my all.

Look at the newborn baby – just like me. I am only a couple days old. Everyone looked at me when I was born and now we are all looking at this beautiful newborn baby. I hope his mom is as good as the mom I have. She watches me all the time that no one hurts me, that I don’t run away and sees that I am fed when I am hungry. May Mary be that kind of mom. Maybe if I can get real close to him in that manger I can keep him warm with my very white fur. Maybe I will just try that move! I will sure miss this little guy when he leaves this stable because I have a feeling he won’t be living here.


I just arrived from the Eastern Desert. It was quite the trek. I am so happy I can rest now. We kept following this star and it was So Bright! And here we are in this tiny town of Bethlehem.

They say this is a newborn King. I have seen many members of royalty in my years of service but I have never seen a king so young. But he does have a certain aura about him like he is meant to make a difference. I have a felling we will all be hearing more from him once he grows up. I would love to carry him to see where he goes and the difference he will make in the lives of others. Hmmm….  I hope I have the chance.