Camp Franciscan – IT’S AWESOME!
Hey Mom! Look at me! I volunteered for this part in our Camp skit!
I made lots of friends at Camp! From all over the U.S. It is so much fun!!
Camp Franciscan- We met lots of cool Franciscan Sisters!

I have taken girls for years to Camp and each year they have loved it and ask to go again. They make friends with the other campers quickly. They love the beauty of Wisconsin! Green Grass, blue lakes and all the friendly people. Consider coming to Camp! Who knows……God might be calling you to be a Franciscan Sister! :):)


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The Angels of Christmas

DSC_0280  Angels, Angels, Angels all around us during the Season of Christmas.

Students at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School in Casa Grande were angels when they delivered gifts to children at the foster home in Sacaton. Santa’s Angels in Action! DSC_0235 DSC_0241

Angels were all around us at the Christmas Eve Children’s Liturgy that was packed from the choir loft to all seats below in our large church of St. Anthony of Padua.

The lead singers and narrator for the Children’s Christmas Eve Play at the beginning of Mass.
Mary and Joseph journey to Bethlehem
Some shepherds sleep while others watch their flock at night and are astounded by the Angels joyous announcement-“Onto you is born today a Savior! GO! and worship Him! “
Mary invited the shepherds in to worship the new born King.
The drummer boy brings his gift to Baby Jesus and forever we will sing, “Come they told me pa rumpum pum pum.”


Angels of heaven smiled down upon all the little angels’ voices in Casa Grande and all the variety of halos.
All the angelic children were invited to come close for the Christmas homily.

DSC_0335Fr. Ariel showed them the Christmas Star of the Philippines that takes the place of our Christmas tree.

An angel delivered Baby Jesus into the manger and knelt to adore Him.
Angels bring up the gifts to the altar.
Fr. Alan shares his joy at his first Christmas Mass as a priest. The angels rejoice for this newly ordained priest.
Fr. Ariel thanks all the angels who decorated the church so beautifully.



A peaceful night in Bethlehem as an angel smiles down upon the Holy Family.



The Christmas Season continues as Angels are all around us!

DSC_0020 DSC_0022