Christmas in the Desert

The Christmas Eve play this year went off perfectly. Everything we practiced came together despite the flu hitting some of my actors. I had to move a girl shepherd to be a king and one of my angels also had the flu. However, I had a whole choir of angels so I didn’t need to add another.

The shepherds all made it in time, even the tiniest 4 year old with his robe dragging and coming up last came to adore the Baby Jesus.

The proud donkey made it weary and tired to the manger.


The Bethlehem Star came brightly shining leading all to the manger to see the Newborn King.


The scene is almost complete.  Mary and Joseph, the Star of Bethlehem, the cow and angels were all in the stable. 

But then all the children in the church were invited to bring their gift of a “star” to the Baby Jesus in Bethlehem and good old St. Joseph said “Thank You” to each and every one.


  Our pastor, Fr. Ariel, called all the children up to hear the Christmas homily so they would know the true meaning of Christmas.