Franciscan Sister is Diocese of Tucson Interventionist

As we highlight our Sisters living at St. Anthony of Padua Convent, Casa Grande, Arizona, we follow now in the footsteps of Sister Mary Karen Oudeans. As an Academic and Behavioral Interventionist for the Diocese of Tucson, August is a busy time for professional development sessions.  Sister Mary Karen assists Principals and teachers to use this time to work together to help all children succeed.

One important part of her ministry is to to be an active member of the  Department of  Education’s Catholic Schools Planning Meetings. New school years beg for conscientious brainstorming sensitive to new needs. This meant having a significant role in the  diocescan-wide New Teacher Formation Workshop.

Sacred Heart School , Nogales’ Professional Development Sessions are key to this institution’s on-going faculty education. Sister Mary Karen was called upon to help facilitate group strategies. She also traveled to do Professional Development Sessions at St. Francis School in Yuma, Arizona. May the Lord bless her continued service in the days ahead whether on the road, on the internet or through conference calls.

Altar Servers: The Future of Our Catholic Church

Franciscan Sister Carol Seidl, principal at St. Anthony of Padua School, Casa Grande, Arizona, shares about a recent liturgy at the parish recognizing the generosity of Altar Servers in our Catholic Church.

Franciscan Sister Carol Seidl prepares altar serversa at St. Anthony Casa Grande

Sunday at our 10:30am Mass about 60 young Catholics were commissioned as Altar Servers for St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Parish.

The Knights of Columbus lined the aisles as the boys and girls processed down the aisle holding their new Altar Server robes. The older altar servers who have served more years than the younger ones were commissioned as the MC’s or Master of Ceremonies role. The smiles on the faces of these young people and their reverence were very impressive. Our Church is still alive.

Parents were asked to vest their child/ren. It is because of the parents that many of these altar servers make it to Mass every Sunday. Hats off to parents who are truly passing on the Catholic faith for as we know “Parents are the first teachers of the Catholic faith”.

Many of the altar servers attend our Catholic School which began  August 6th. We will see these servers at our Wednesdays school Mass.