Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe celebration was a long time in preparation but it was worth it, as the evening of celebration was the best Our Lady of Guadalupe celebration I have ever been at.061

Here is how it started.

1st – Fr. Ariel Lustan, our pastor, decided it was time to put something on one empty wall in the sanctuary of St. Anthony of Padua Church. So he commissioned our newly ordained priest, Fr. Alan Valencia, to purchase a replica of Our Lady of Guadalupe that is in the Shrine in Mexico. Money was donated for the picture  and off Fr. Alan went to Mexico to place the order. On December 4th, he drove a u-haul truck to Nogales, Arizona to stay overnight at his mother’s house. The next day he went across the border to get our beautiful picture of Our Lady.

When he arrived back, I was just leaving our Divine Mercy Chapel where Fr. Ariel arranged for  a presentation on praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet.002

I saw Fr. Alan pull out the large box with Our Lady in. So with a butcher knife in his hand, he and Fr. Ariel unveiled the beautiful replica.  Here is the process:

1st out of the cupboard carefully
1st –  out of the cardboard carefully

2nd taking the foam backing off

She is being revealed
She is being revealed
What a beauty- the frame is the replica of the one in Mexico City.
What a beauty- the frame is the replica of the one in Mexico City.


We all took turns standing with Our Lady.
We all took turns standing with Our Lady.


The next part of Our Lady of Guadalupe celebration was the class Mass for first grade in their classroom for their patron saint-Juan Diego which was on Wednesday. The first graders practiced reading the Epistle for the day and I went into their classroom several times to teach them four Mass songs. I was able to find simple ones for them to memorize. Their favorite was ” We Are the Church” with actions which they will do at our Sunday Mass since Fr. Ariel was so impressed with them.

1st being altar servers. They were so proud to ring the bells.
Altar Servers for the first time. They were so proud to ring the bells.

Fr.Ariel is holding a statue of Juan Diego 004as the students tell him all they know about Juan Diego which was alot.

Eager Servers! Yes, they wanted hot cocoa and a donut after the celebration.

We continue with our school celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe…….

Ms. Rodriguez’s 3rd grade class loves to do plays so they did the play for our feast. Here it is – by now you know the story  told here in pictures.

Juan Diegeo at Tepayac listening to the words of Our Lady.
Juan Diegeo at Tepayac listening to the words of Our Lady.


A captive audience!
Our Lady giving Juan roses as his proof for the Bishop
The best narrators who showed no stage fright.


Friday night began the parish celebration with a mile long walking procession. We had horses to lead our way.

IMG_8329 IMG_8332 IMG_8336 IMG_8337


Blessing of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Parishioners made the Hill of Tepeyac and left many beautiful roses for Our Lady.

IMG_8420 IMG_8399 IMG_8403 IMG_8418 IMG_8412 IMG_8394

Then it was to our parish center to enjoy a delicious meal, listen to a mariachi band and watch our 3rd grade students perform for the parish their little play once again. They were very impressed with the much larger Tepeyac Hill.

IMG_8430 IMG_8435 IMG_8446


Our Lady of Guadalupe has found a home in our parish.
Our Lady of Guadalupe is at home now.

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  1. What a beautiful addition to your church. And what a blessing the students were in the sharing the story of the Lady.

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